Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Crossing The Finish Line -- My Final Writing.

This day has been coming for quite some time. Today will be my final writing in this blog. Over the course of the past five years I've written nearly 700 posts totaling about 400,000 words. Along the way, I've received compliments and criticisms regarding topics I've written about. I've been honest, to the point, and as accurate as possible while writing in this blog. On many occasions, I put the feelings of my heart into what has been written. For that, I have no regrets and no apologies.

I first started placing information onto the Internet back in 2005. Now, 15 years later, I am crossing the finish line of doing that. I will no longer have social media accounts and this blog will not receive any new content -- although it will remain online until the platform is shut down, whenever that may be. Over the course of the next year the domain registrations for and will expire and the website content located at those domains will no longer be available. Simply stated, I don't need to be online in these ways any longer. The accounts I've maintained for the past 15 years served a purpose, but are no longer needed.

Over the years, I've ended each blog post with the words "Keep reaching for life's mileposts." The mileposts in life are important to reach for. While reaching, we find that we encounter milestsones -- those times on life's road when we arrive at a significant moment. I've always believed that having goals and ambitions helps us to experience the fullness of life. I've moved through nearly 56 years of life with that perspective, and it has served me well. To those who have read my writings, I thank you. To those who were encouraged, inspired, or enlightened... I'm pleased that my efforts have been of value.

Life's road is filled with twists and turns, mountains and valleys, and sometimes wrong turns and roadblocks. None of us are perfect at navigating the course. All we can do is to set our eyes on the horizon and keep reaching for life's mileposts the best that we can. I will continue to do that, and I pray that God blesses your road as you follow the path of life in front of you.

Paul J. Staso