Thursday, May 25, 2023

"The Cross Run" Website is Now Online at

I'm pleased to announce that "The Cross Run" now has a website at I encourage you to visit that site, bookmark it, and to follow along on the crossing of Indiana in 2024. At the website you'll find links to this blog, my YouTube channel, the Instagram account for the run -- and to photos from my past running adventures. You can also download a PDF which explains the run. The website features the entire route (including daily stopping points and mileage); a countdown timer; information about me, the course, and my hometown church; a contact form for sending me a message; and, a list of financial supporters. At the very bottom of the webpage at you'll see some photos from my previous running adventures across the United States, Germany, Alaska, Montana, and the Mojave Desert. I would truly appreciate it if you would share this website with others. Thank you!

Gotta Run,

Paul J. Staso


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