Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Looking Back on 2021 Family Happenings as the Autumn Leaves Fall

The Fall leaves are falling in our neighborhood and our family is enjoying a wonderful autumn season, but winter is not far away. A couple of days ago we had the first snowflakes flying around in northern Indiana, but there was no accumulation. At least we're in a warmer climate than my parents are in Alaska. Currently, they are experiencing below zero temperatures for daily highs in the heart of Alaska!

I recently completed our family holiday newsletter. As I looked back on the happenings of 2021 I realized that we've been extremely busy as a family! Kyndal (age 13) and Hannah (age 16) continue to perform at the highest level academically. Kyndal was recently inducted into the National Junior Honor Society, and she continues to participate in band and choir. This year, Kyndal took part in her first 5K event, finishing ahead of many adults. Hannah is in 11th grade and was confirmed in the Catholic church this year, earned her driver's license, and started working her first job. She enjoys being a part of her high school's marching and pep bands, and is setting her sights on where she wants to attend college in 2023. Both teens continue to excel in dance classes and performances -- Kyndal in jazz, tap and hip-hop and Hannah in ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, lyrical, and hip-hop.

As most of you know, Kelley and I got married in 2018 and combined we have eight children -- six of whom are adults. Kelley's eldest daughter, Rachel, is getting married in October 2022 to Bailey, and we've been enjoying the preparations for that big day. Nathan, Kelley's son, continues to be a manager at a national computer/electronics company in Indianapolis. My eldest daughter, Jenna, is settling into married life in Minnesota, and my Montana-based daughter, Ashlin, and her husband are expecting their first child in March 2022. My eldest son, Kyler, works for a computer company in Montana, while my other son, Brian, continues to pursue his college studies in Arizona.

Kelley and I have stayed busy with our jobs and projects around our home... our home sweet home. During 2021, we enjoyed several road trips for fun and family events. We recently returned from Chicago where our family took in several popular sights - including the Willis Tower Skydeck at 1,353 feet (103 floors up!) above the windy city and "The Bean" (Cloud Gate) in Millennium Park. I've included a photo below. We enjoyed good food, good shopping, and a great family time. This year also included a trip to Minnesota so that I could have the honor of walking my eldest daughter, Jenna, down the aisle at her wedding. We're so happy for she and Cole! We also made a road trip to Missouri for another family wedding, that of Kelley's niece, Kiley, to Luke. We went to Kansas to spend time with family, and enjoyed a visit from family who traveled from Kansas to Indiana.

I'm about to enter my 8th year at the law firm where I work, and this year Kelley and I launched a new Indiana company that provides specialized services to law offices and insurance agencies statewide. I'll continue to work full-time at the firm, but will also be operating this new business as well.

Yes, it has been a busy 2021 for our family. Now, we're looking forward to enjoying the holidays together! May the Lord bless you and your family as you enter into this season of thanksgiving, joy and love.

From Him, Through Him, For Him (Romans 11:36),

Paul J. Staso


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