Thursday, June 29, 2017

My Running Adventures Featured In A New Book

This week I learned of a book written by Phil Hewitt that was published by Summersdale Publishers in the UK last September titled "In The Running." It includes "stories of extraordinary runners from around the world." Much to my surprise, I am included in the book!

Chapter 10 is "Pushing the Limits of Human Endurance" and the story of my adventure runs across states and countries is included. The book is currently available on Amazon in the UK and will be available in the United States through Amazon in October 2017.

Through online bookstores in the UK, the book has been described as follows: "From the strength and stamina of well-known runners who achieve the almost impossible to the extraordinary runners who have changed lives and history, this collection of unforgettable stories will inspire anyone who's ever pounded the pavement to keep on running and enjoy every minute of this liberating sport."

Interestingly, the author didn't contact me at all while writing the book. He clearly obtained information about me and my running adventures through online information. The book preview I saw via Amazon only showed one page about me and the information on that page appeared accurate. I hope the other content about me is also accurate. There are many fine runners included in the book, and I stand in great company. The author writes about 93 accomplished runners throughout history, such as Steve Prefontaine, Dean Karnazes, Scott Jurek, Pat Farmer, Paula Radcliffe, Dennis Kimetto, Mo Farah, Paavo Nurmi, Roger Bannister, Terry Fox, Kathrine Switzer, Dave McGillivray, Amy Hughes, Kim Allan, Jon Sutherland, Emil Zatopek, Kip Keino, Haile Gebrselassie, Grete Waitz, Rosa Mota, Joan Benoit Samuelson, and others!

Some written reviews of the book include:
  • "The most fascinating characters in the history of distance running."
  • "An eclectic runnerpedia of astounding facts and inspirational stories."
  • "A fascinating look at the limits of human endurance - informative, inspiring but above all entertaining."
  • "A highly inspirational and touching legacy to the many long distance runners who have achieved great triumphs against the odds."
  • "An inspiring celebration of the milestones and motivation of running’s greatest stars. Encyclopaedic and engaging, you’ll delight in its many tales of courage, camaraderie and sheer craziness."
It's an honor to be included in a book containing profiles of runners that I have admired for many decades.

Keep Reaching For Life's Mileposts,

Paul Staso