Thursday, January 30, 2020

My Daughter's Two-year Road Toward Obtaining Her Master's Degree

I love this photo! It's of my eldest daughter, Jenna, holding the stack of books that she had to read, study, and put into memory in order to obtain her Master's degree in coaching and athletics administration. AND, she accomplished that two-year journey while being a full-time elementary teacher and head coach of a high school varsity volleyball team! I am so very proud of her!

In Jenna's words: "I took a leap of faith. I decided to take on the challenge of teaching, coaching, and being a student all at the same time... I have learned a ton on how to be a better coach and how to serve my players. Every week I spent hours talking with incredible coaches from all over the United States. There were super early mornings and super late nights. There were tears and celebrations... I have honestly never been more proud of myself."

She did her Master's program through the Concordia University Irvine and received straight A's in all of her coursework. Concordia’s Master's degree in coaching and athletics administration is the nation's number one athletics graduate program. Jenna is 26 years of age and has joined a small fraction of society that holds a Master's degree. In fact, only 9 percent of Americans have a Master's degree.

I am so happy that Jenna has accomplished her educational goals at such a young age. Today, the average age of a graduate student is 33, so Jenna acquired her Master's degree about 6 years earlier than most. It is a wonderful achievement and I am a very proud Dad! I love you, Jen!

Keep Reaching For Life's Mileposts,

Paul Staso