Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Why I Don't "Retweet," "Repost" or "Share a Post" on Social Media

I joined Facebook in 2008, Twitter in 2014, and Instagram in 2017. These are all social media platforms and I am very specific in how I use each one, and I am rather restrictive with respect to those I allow to follow my social media accounts. For me, "social" is family and close friends. Of course, I'm nearly 54 years of age and am not in any competition to try and have the most friends or followers -- as seems to be the case with many people much younger than I am. Even some of my own adult children have social media "friends" and "followers" that they've never actually met, let alone spoken to. I simply won't give such people a window into my personal life.

When it comes to Facebook, I have 35 "Friends." On Twitter, I have 21 "Followers." Through my Instagram account, I have 23 "Followers." I can tell you that there is quite an overlap with these people, many of them being friends or followers on all three accounts. Suffice it to say, the total number of individuals who see my social media content actually adds up to about 40 people. Yes, that's the grand total of my actual social media "friends" and "followers."

My Facebook account consists of primarily photo albums. That's how I choose to use it. I also post photos through my Instagram account, and by doing so it helps my family (primarily my four adult children, my siblings, and my elderly parents in Alaska) an opportunity to see snapshots of my life. It's a way for us to try and be connected across thousands of miles. I'll go for days without posting something and then feel the desire to post a number of different pictures so that I can try and bridge the gap between my children in Montana and Minnesota, as well as my siblings and parents in Alaska. I also have some dear friends that I've known for over 35 years that see my photos -- and they live in Oregon, Minnesota and Florida. So, it's nice to be able to let them see glimpses into my life in Indiana.

Aside from posting photos on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, I also post a link on Facebook to each blog writing I do. I leave the blog link on my social media for a day or two, and then delete it. My Twitter account is used solely to post a link to each of my blog writings. That's it! I don't post anything else on my Twitter account.

I don't use any of my social media accounts to take a stand on political issues, and I don't air dirty laundry or criticize people on social media. I don't aim to persuade or dissuade through social media. Also, I don't retweet, repost or share posts on my social media accounts. You may be wondering why. Well, because I primarily have my social media accounts for the purpose of giving my close family and friends a glimpse into my life. I don't see how retweeting and reposting the thoughts, opinions and/or criticisms of others enhances the story of my own life for my dear friends and family to see. I'd rather have them visually see what means the most to me -- and that is shown through the pictures and blog articles I choose to share, which are all prepared by me. I don't need the words of someone else. I just look inside my own heart and share what it feels. Most of the time those thoughts are shared through a photo, because as the old saying goes... a picture is worth a thousand words.

Have a great day in this social media world that we live in!

Keep Reaching For Life's Mileposts,

Paul Staso