Sunday, September 18, 2016

It's Sunday! Take a Break From Running and Reap the Benefits!

Do you take Sundays off from running? I strongly recommend that runners take a day off during the week. I do this when I'm training for an event, but the 'events' that I do end up being multi-week or multi-month events across states and countries... so I usually run 7 days per week during my actual adventures. However, when training I always give my body the benefit of a day off. So, what are the benefits?

Taking a day off helps to prevent overuse injuries, restores your glycogen stores, and prevents mental burnout. How "off" do you need to be once per week? You should be off completely, or 20 to 30 minutes of running below 60% of max heart rate (if you simply cannot stay away from your running shoes).

You should also include an easy day into your weekly routine. It helps to build base, improve endurance, and increase blood volume. An "easy" day should be 70 to 75% of max heart rate or conversational pace at a comfortable to moderate effort.

Keep reaching for life's mileposts!

Gotta Run,

Paul Staso, Founder & President
The P.A.C.E. Fitness Foundation, Inc.

P.A.C.E. is a non-profit organization aimed at Promoting Active Children Everywhere.