Tuesday, November 5, 2019

12 Percent of Kids Have Suffered Hearing Loss Due To This...

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 12 percent of children have suffered hearing loss because of excessive exposure to noise. Sound is measured in decibels -- a measure of sound intensity. Normal conversational speech is around 60 to 70 decibels while whispers are 30 decibels. Sound can start to get dangerous (actually causing a problem with hearing) at levels greater than 85 decibels.

Parents need to know how to protect their child's hearing. First, turn the volume down. The professional recommendation is to turn it down to about 60 percent max volume and only be exposed to that level for no more than 60 minutes. By doing that, you are reducing the intensity of the sound and reducing the length you are exposed to it. Audiologists agree that listening to a device at its max can damage hearing in just two minutes.

Parents can also go into the settings on many devices and set the sound max at 60 percent. Parents should also purchase headphones that fit their child properly. Many doctors believe that isolating headphones are best (or the headphones that block out ambient sound at a lower volume). You can enjoy music without having to hear background noise, and you're not putting yourself at any risk.

Noise induced hearing loss is often permanent; however, it is preventable.

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Paul Staso