Thursday, March 12, 2020

Handshake-Free Zones Are Growing in Popularity Due to Coronavirus

Over the past couple of weeks, I've had to attend some business meetings in downtown Indianapolis and I can tell you that greetings and meetings are being modified these days due to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). Today, I was on the 46th floor of the Salesforce Tower on Monument Circle in Indianapolis and it is now accepted that shaking hands is not to occur. Some offices I've been in are still open to a 'fist bump' or an 'elbow touch,' but for the most part human contact is discouraged.

In fact, even greater distance from one another in meetings is something I've noticed. Some have hand sanitizer with them, and others appear to avoid touching conference room tables and chairs -- other than to sit down. While on the 46th floor of the Salesforce Tower in Indianapolis, it was odd to look down at Monument Circle as the lunch hour neared only to see a few people rather than large groups of people that are typically present there during the middle of the work day. Even as I walked to my vehicle following today's meeting, I noticed that small eateries had very few customers. Also, there was more parking available than usual. It is clear that many are opting to stay away from areas where there are typically a lot of people.

Just in the city of Indianapolis there have already been significant cancellations of events. Next week's St. Patrick's Day festivities have been cancelled; performances by Michael Buble and country-pop duo Dan & Shay have been postponed; the Big Ten men's basketball tournament is cancelled; the NBA's Indiana Pacers have suspended the season; area universities are conducting online classes only; and the list goes on. Yes, things are getting pretty serious.

Farther away from Indiana, China has shut down Mount Everest due to the Coronavirus. Even a mountain has been closed! What will shut down next? The Indianapolis 500 in May? The Olympic Games in July? It's difficult to say, but more closures and cancellations appear to be happening every day.

I and my family are currently well and will be praying for everyone to be safe from this pandemic. Remember, the best way to prevent illness is to avoid the virus.

Keep Reaching For Life's Mileposts,

Paul Staso