Friday, May 1, 2020

Handmade Signs and Posters to Encourage a Solo Runner on His Way

It was 10 years ago when I ran 500 miles solo across Germany -- logging the equivalent of 19 marathons in 21 days. I have previously shared some of the stories from that adventure... such as having automatic weapons pointed at menearly falling to my death; and, being inducted as the first European PTA Youth Ambassador.

It was always encouraging to me when I would visit a school to give a presentation and would be presented with encouraging signs from students. I definitely experienced this while running across Germany -- as the photo accompanying this writing shows (which was published in the Spangdahlem Air Base newspaper). Believe it or not, I have many of the signs and posters that children made for me during my days of running across states and countries (from the schools I visited). Some I carried with me on the support stroller while others I had mailed to my residence. The signs and posters are in a box stored away in my home attic. Even the poster shown in the photo reading "BMS Says Go Paul Go" is in that box. It always meant so much to me to see such wonderfully handmade signs of support.

This is my 560th writing in this blog since getting back to blogging in June 2016. I've written on numerous topics and have shared many stories from my running career, but I've never truly expressed my deep gratitude for all of the kindness, creativity and thoughtfulness that went into each handmade sign and poster that students, teachers and parents made to encourage me onward.

To all who made signs, waved, cheered, and extended words of encouragement... thank you!

Keep Reaching For Life's Mileposts,

Paul Staso