Tuesday, July 28, 2020

My Wife and I Truly Enjoyed Another Amazing Dance Recital Week

I have two stepdaughters who are wonderful dancers and who train throughout the school year at a local dance studio. They excel in an array of dance styles -- ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, tap, and more. It has been a blessing beyond measure to watch them practice and perform over the past five years. Sometimes, my eyes actually well up with tears as I watch them -- which is something I've written about before in this blog.

It's a great feeling to watch children pursue something that they truly enjoy and that they're good at. Both of my stepdaughters keep physically fit and commit the time needed to become the best dancers that they can be. To see them through the glass at the practice studio or up on a stage brings a real joy to my heart. I'm so often amazed at their strength and power -- wrapped up in poise, gracefulness and flexibility. In so many ways, dance is artistic athleticism. It is movement that commands attention and captures emotions. To look upon a stage of dancers who are expressing the feelings and rhythms of music is something you just don't see everyday. Dance has a way of taking you on an emotional journey, and often times the audience leaves the theater feeling that they have experienced an array of emotions in just a couple of hours.

Due to the Coronavirus, many dance recitals around the world were not able to take place this year. Although my stepdaughters' recitals were postponed for a couple of months, they were able to perform in late July while the audience was instructed to practice social distancing and wear face masks.

In a mere three years, one of our two dancers will be heading off to college -- and three years behind her our last will be leaving to do the same. The time is going to go fast. My wife and I know that from personal experience... with six adult children already out of the nest. I'm truly cherishing these years with them -- whether they're dancing in the studio, on a stage, or simply in the living room. I can't make time slow down; however, I can be conscious of the time that I do have with them at this stage of life.

Although I've never had any formal dance training, I do appreciate how much both girls go through from September through May to prepare for recitals. My dance history began in 1978 when I was 13 years old and would attempt some disco moves in my bedroom -- usually to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Of course, in 1983 I would attempt Michael Jackson's moonwalk (which I actually did in the U.S. Capitol building in 2006 -- something my adult children may remember!). My legs were definitely built more for running than they were dancing! Regardless, I enjoy being a Dance Stepdad and will always be at practices and in the audience cheering on my two youngest stepdaughters. I'm already looking forward to next year's recital.

Keep Reaching For Life's Mileposts,

Paul Staso