Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The 3,260-mile Route That I Ran Alone Across The United States

Since 2006, I've been asked many times what route I ran solo across the United States. Although that has been available at www.theusarunner.com since May 2006, I've decided to dedicate today's post to the subject. I averaged 30 miles per day across America for 108 days on the pavement, running unsupported -- no vehicle or bicycle support. The distances shown below are precise, gathered from GPS tracking data acquired during the actual run. I began the journey at Cannon Beach, Oregon and ended it at Cape Henlopen State Park (Lewes, Delaware). The endeavor was 3,260 miles and I took a total of 12 days off during the run. The lodging marked below as "Hotel" was a hotel/motel, guest ranch, or some option available to the general public. Those locations marked "Residence" were private homes of individuals and families who opened their hearts and homes to me. The few entries marked "Motor Home" were from when friends drove an RV out to my stopping point and let me sleep in it for the evening. The single entry marked "Rafting Co." is when I slept on a picnic table in my sleeping bag on the edge of a river where a rafting company was located. The longest day was August 25 (48 miles) and the shortest day was July 19 (9 miles).

June 2322/22Near Elsie, OregonMotor Home
June 2425/47Near Buxton, OregonMotor Home
June 2525/72Near Aloha, OregonResidence
June 2622/94Portland, OregonResidence
June 2727/121Mount Pleasant, WashingtonResidence
June 2821/142Stevenson, WashingtonHotel
June 2931/173Lyle, WashingtonResidence
June 3027/200Near Towal, WashingtonResidence
July 123/223Near Roosevelt, WashingtonResidence
July 2-3 - Two Days Off The Road
July 430/253Alderdale, WashingtonResidence
July 526/279Umatilla, OregonResidence
July 629/308Wallula Junction, WashingtonHotel
July 730/338Walla Walla, WashingtonHotel
July 820/358Waitsburg, WashingtonResidence
July 922/380Dayton, WashingtonHotel
July 1025/405Pomeroy, WashingtonResidence
July 1131/436Clarkston, WashingtonHotel
July 1232/468Lenore, IdahoRafting Co.
July 1335/503Kamiah, IdahoHotel
July 1422/525Syringa, IdahoHotel
July 1534/559Wilderness Gateway CampgroundMotor Home
July 1639/598Powell CampgroundMotor Home
July 1720/618Lolo Hot Springs, MontanaHotel
July 1825/643Lolo, MontanaHotel
July 199/652Missoula, MontanaResidence
July 20-21 - Two Days Off The Road
July 2237/689Greenough, MontanaHotel
July 2337/726Helmville, MontanaResidence
July 2430/756Elliston, MontanaResidence
July 2522/778Helena, MontanaResidence
July 26 - One Day Off the Road
July 2734/812Townsend, MontanaHotel
July 2823/835Half Way to White Sulphur Springs, MontanaResidence
July 2919/854Into White Sulphur Springs, MontanaHotel
July 3034/888Half way to Twodot, MontanaHotel
July 3128/916Harlowton, MontanaHotel
August 129/945Ryegate, MontanaResidence
August 240/985Roundup, MontanaHotel
August 335/1020Melstone, MontanaHotel
August 426/1046Ingomar, MontanaHotel
August 542/1088Forsyth, MontanaHotel
August 624/1112Hathaway, MontanaResidence
August 722/1134Miles City, MontanaResidence
August 836/117036 miles east of Miles City on Highway 12Residence
August 932/1202Plevna, MontanaResidence
August 1032/1234Marmarth, North DakotaResidence
August 1132/1266Bowman, North DakotaResidence
August 1237/1303Hettinger, North DakotaResidence
August 1334/1337Thunder Hawk, South DakotaResidence
August 1431/1368McIntosh, South DakotaResidence
August 1528/1396McLaughlin, South DakotaHotel
August 1631/1427Mobridge, South DakotaHotel
August 1737/1464Bowdle, South DakotaResidence
August 1839/1503Ipswich, South DakotaHotel
August 1930/1533Aberdeen, South DakotaHotel
August 20-21 - Two Days Off The Road
August 2218/1551Groton, South DakotaHotel
August 2332/1583Webster, South DakotaHotel
August 24 - One Day Off the Road Due To Bad Weather
August 2548/1631Milbank, South DakotaHotel
August 2633/1664Appleton, MinnesotaHotel
August 2725/1689Montevideo, MinnesotaHotel
August 2839/1728Marshall, MinnesotaHotel
August 2930/1758Walnut Grove, MinnesotaResidence
August 3025/1783Springfield, MinnesotaResidence
August 3129/1812New Ulm, MinnesotaHotel
Sept. 128/1840Mankato, MinnesotaHotel
Sept. 231/1871Waseca, MinnesotaResidence
Sept. 326/1897Claremont, MinnesotaResidence
Sept. 430/1927Rochester, MinnesotaResidence
September 5-6 - Two Days Off The Road
Sept. 735/1962Preston, MinnesotaHotel
Sept. 835/1997Decorah, IowaResidence
Sept. 930/2027West Union, IowaHotel
Sept. 1026/2053Oelwein, IowaResidence
Sept. 1116/2069Independence, IowaHotel
Sept. 1226/2095Manchester, IowaHotel
Sept. 1337/2132Marion, IowaResidence
Sept. 1439/2171Hills, IowaResidence
Sept. 1544/2215Mount Pleasant, IowaHotel
September 16 - One Day Off The Road
Sept. 1734/2249Burlington, IowaHotel
Sept. 1833/2282Roseville, IllinoisResidence
Sept. 1936/2318Farmington, IllinoisResidence
Sept. 2023/2341Peoria, IllinoisResidence
Sept. 2125/2366Secor, IllinoisResidence
Sept. 2240/2406Forrest, IllinoisResidence
Sept. 2336/2442Watseka, IllinoisHotel
Sept. 2433/2475Remington, IndianaHotel
Sept. 2519/2494Monticello, IndianaHotel
Sept. 2639/2523Peru, IndianaHotel
Sept. 2736/2559Plum Tree, IndianaHotel
Sept. 2816/2585Bluffton, IndianaHotel
Sept. 2940/2625Converse, OhioResidence
Sept. 3034/2659Ada, OhioResidence
Oct. 134/2693Upper Sandusky, Ohio Hotel
Oct. 240/2733Mansfield, OhioHotel
Oct. 335/2768Wooster, OhioHotel
Oct. 434/2802Dover, OhioHotel
Oct. 540/2842Cadiz, OhioHotel
Oct. 621/2863Wheeling, West VirginiaHotel
Oct. 738/2901Littleton, West VirginiaHotel
Oct. 831/2932Fairmont, West VirginiaHotel
Oct. 928/2960Fellowsville, West VirginiaResidence
Oct. 1038/2998Mount Storm, West VirginiaHotel
Oct. 1134/3032Romney, West VirginiaHotel
Oct. 1242/3074Winchester, VirginiaHotel
Oct. 1328/3102Middleburg, VirginiaHotel
Oct. 1433/3135Seven Corners, VirginiaHotel
Oct. 1536/3171Edgewater, MarylandResidence
Oct. 1611/3182Sandy Point State Park, MarylandResidence
October 17 - One Day Off The Road
Oct. 1830/3212Denton, MarylandHotel
Oct. 1931/3243Georgetown, DelawareHotel
Oct. 2017/3260Lewes, DelawareHotel

Keep Reaching For Life's Mileposts,

Paul Staso